FIDIC Infrastructure Conference 2018 in Berlin


This year the annual FIDIC Infrastructure Conference was held in Berlin, from 8 September  - 11 September, 2018.

The Latvian Association of Consulting Engineers (LIKA) was represented by Mr Oskars Zivtiņš (Member of the Board of LIKA, daily working at Witteveen + Bos Latvia).

Conference in Berlin 2018 was focusing on the topic "Mobility & Smart Infrastructure".

Before the Conference, on Saturday (8th September) Mr Zivtiņš participated in FIDIC the DNS Committee meeting, where the management of FIDIC organisation reported on the financial status of organisation as well as informed about the most important decisions (regarding optimisation of the office, on enlargement of cooperation with the membership countries, on optimisation of organising the annual conferences, promotional activities related to FIDIC contracts, decentralisation of working committees).

On Sunday (9th September) the programme was continued with Best Practice Forum, where FIDIC Specialised Committee representatives reported on the implemented activities.

On Monday (10th September) the 1st day of FIDIC infrastructure conference activities took place, where all the participants were acquainted with presentations and panel discussions regarding Smart city – smart infrastructure. At the end of first day the FIDIC Gala dinner and the Awards ceremony took place, where were awarded the best specialists and projects which have been promoted by member associations.

On Tuesday (11th September) second day of FIDIC conference continued with topic -

Smart Infrastructure, there were a lot of presentations and discussions regarding financial models and maintenance for the infrastructure projects.

After the Conference, Mr Zivtiņš participated in FIDIC 2018 General Assembly meeting (GAM). During this event the representatives of member associations discussed and approved several FIDIC organisation related topics - change of statutes of FIDIC organisation, authorisations within the organisation, as well as made an announcement regarding new member of the FIDIC executive committee and the president and vice president. All member associations voted for and accepted decisions by the laud applauses.

During the conference the representatives from Latvian and Estonian Consulting Engineer Associations had a separate meeting with the President of the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) Mr Kevin Rudden (Ireland) and General Secretary Mr Jan Van der Putten (Belgium). During this meeting were discussed question regarding involvement of engineer associations of the Baltic states in work of EFCA committee and working group and from the management of EFCA was received invitation to become a member of EFCA.
O. Zivtiņš positively evaluated visiting the conference and that made possible for the association to establish a lot of useful contacts in order to solve important issues to Latvian engineering consultants in the future, as well as obtaining of insight into the latest trends in the development of the industry. Mr Zivtiņš admitted that more active involvement of LIKA into activities held by FIDIC and EFCA will gain possibility to consult the members on new tendencies in the field of engineering consultancy and thus strengthening competitiveness of our members in local and international market. Simultaneously the gained international experience could be used in arrangement of the construction field.

Detailed report on the FIDIC 2018 conference can be found here.




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LIKA joins European Federation of Engineering Consultants Associations (EFCA)

On the May of 9th, 2019 in the frame of General Assembly Meeting in Dublin, Latvian Association of Engineering Consultants and Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies (EAACEC) has become members of the EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations), therefore adding the Baltic States to the European engineering community.

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