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Latvian Association of Consulting Engineers – LIKA was established in 2003.

Since 2004 LIKA is the member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers - FIDIC. The association adheres to the principles of FIDIC and LIKA members are required to meet the standards of codes and practices as well as the membership qualifications of FIDIC.

LIKA  is an alliance of  private consulting companies, registered in Latvia, delivering design documentation for the territorial planning and building construction, providing consultancy services, performing the design supervision, assessment of the impact to environment, technical specifications, feasibility studies, project management and other services related to a project implementation, including specialized in one or several engineering or architectural sectors. The mission of the Association is to promote and protect the business and professional interests of designers/consultants in Latvia and abroad and to serve as their representative voice.

The main goal of the Association is to strive for quality and professionalism in design and consultancy services, establishment of additional value for a project, tendering sustainable solutions for the built and natural areas, management of risks and project expenses and secure the project social and economic efficiency.

The Association organizes meetings and discussions with professionals of building industry, promotes exchange of good practice experience, distributes  information, including information from FIDIC and other associations, especially Baltic consultant associations, assists in capacity building and in raising of qualification of  the member companies staff.

The Association is active in the development and improvement of building legislation  with regard to common interests of country and own business: members of the Association are working in various commissions initiate new legal acts and amendments for existing ones. The Association provides recommendations for clients with regard to designer or consultant selection. The Association assists member organizations, clients and other companies to implement EU norms and requirements, documents, approaches, regulations and praxis in Latvia.

The Association requires from members to observe the Code of Ethics, to take responsibility to society, to seek solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development, at all times uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the consulting industry, to maintain knowledge and skills, provide all services with integrity and faithfulness, perform services only when competent to perform them, promote the principles of Quality Based Consultant Selection - QBS.

Implementation of FIDIC documents and the Code of Ethics shall be the strategic goal of the Association in order to step forth together with other Nations of the World.


Chairman of the Board

Oskars Zivtiņš

SIA "Witteveen+Bos Latvia"
Phone: +371- 67223144

Members of the Board

Mārtiņš Draudiņš

SIA "LBS Konsultants"
Phone: +371 - 29117168

Juris Laicāns

SIA "Aqua-Brambis"
Phone: +371-29463258

Uldis Paeglītis

SIA “Būvniecības konsultants”
Phone: + 371 - 2644912