Association of Heat, Gas and Water Technology Engineers of Latvia (LSGŪTIS) joins LIKA


Association of Heat, Gas and Water Technology Engineers of Latvia (LSGŪTIS) joins LIKA.

Association, established on 1991, currently brings together 355 specialists who work as engineers or teaching in the high schools. Association set out a strategy for the development of the sector and implement it with the assistance of members, develop and adjust the national standards of the sector, carry out consultation of projects and researches and performs independent expertise, express the requirements for the programmes of educational institutions in which future sector specialists study, certify persons for the management of design, assembly and operational work in the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas supply, water supply and sewerage, as well as in the area of energy audit.

We very much hope for successful cooperation, actively working in the achievement of common goals related to solving issues of the construction industry, creating high-quality engineering consulting services and performing other important tasks related to the activity of the association.




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Lasīt vairāk

FIDIC is turning 110 years old on July 22, 2023

Founded in 1913 by three national associations of independent consulting engineers, FIDIC has grown to become a leading global organisation, representing over one million engineering professionals and 40,000 firms across approximately 100 countries.

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